Install Envy 7640 Printer On Windows Server 2008

How To Install Envy 7640 Printer On Windows Server 2008 –

Install Envy 7640 Printer On Windows Server 2008

To know how to install Envy 7640 printer on windows server 2008, follow the instructions given in this article.Before beginning the installation process, you need to gather certain information which includes,

  • Type of operating system (Windows or Mac)
  • Version of the operating system (example: Windows Server 2008)
  • Operating system language
  • Printer connection type (wired or wireless)

Installation files customization

  1. The driver and software files should be copied and distributed to the client computer
  2. Then the copied files should be installed on the client machines
  3. You must then connect the client computers to the Envy 7640 printer (
  4. The files can be copied either from an installation CD or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website
  5. To customize the installation, you must customize the features of the software
  6. Similarly, the installation CD has many drivers from which the administrator can choose the necessary drivers needed for the printer
  7. When you customize your files for the how to install Envy 7640 printer on Windows Server 2008, you are actually manipulating the software as required for a particular printer model.
    1. For example, for the proper functioning of the printer, it is mandatory to install the following drivers
      1. Printer driver
      2. Scan driver
  • Fax driver
  1. Replacement driver for Fax
  1. You can then make use of the software installer (MSI) to install the necessary software specific to the printer
  2. Before installation of the files, you need to create a zipped script to distribute the files

How to install Envy 7640 printer on windows server 2008 – File distribution

  1. The distributed files should be then deployed in the client machines
  2. To run the zipped script, you need to enter a script into the command prompt
  3. This script varies according to the features that you wish to be enabled in the software
  4. The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service is not preinstalled in the Windows 2008 server environment
  5. Therefore, you must install the Desktop Experience Feature for the scan function to be enabled
  6. This will, in turn, enable the WIA feature in Windows 2008 server
  7. You can now connect the client computers to the printer using a USB connection or by making use of the network
  8. For network connections, make sure that the MSI software package is installed on the client machine
  9. The printer should be a part of the network and should have a valid IP address
  10. Install the files during which process you may encounter one of these issues

Issues during installation

  1. The installer may be blocked by a firewall when it tries to communicate with the printer
  2. A valid IP address cannot be resolved from the hostname
  3. An incorrect hostname or IP address has been entered

When you overcome these issues, the installation process will be complete. To know more about how to install Envy 7640 printer on Windows Server 2008 call our dedicated backend experts at +1-820-300-0370 or to help you.