HP Tango Printer

HP Tango Printer | Tango Printer Driver Download and Setup

HP Tango Printer

HP, the best brand to get all your prints at the topmost speed and with bright colors just how you’ve designed the document. When you are busy as a bee, printing your documents from the printer physically needs more time. Making your print work smarter, here is HP Tango Printer giving access to get your prints on the go.

Speaking on that point, Fun fact about Tango Printer is that, it’s world’s first smart printer from HP Printer line-up for home. There is also HP Tango X Printer succeeding the Tango Printer with stylish cover and redefined connectivity configurations.

Specs of HP Tango Printer

The  Tango Printer is renowned for its ability to connect with Cloud that works as a two-way connection on the network. You can do all print jobs on the go with the portable Tango Printer on your hand.

  • Functions – Print, Scan, Copy
  • Voice Activated Printer that incorporates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana
  • Sleek finish
  • Smart App
  • Photo Print – 5*7
  • HP Instant Ink
  • Print from anywhere
  • Bluetooth – LE
  • Scan on the go
  • Borderless Photo
  • Paper Sensor
  • Paper Tray – 50 sheets

Outline to get your pics out of HP Tango Printer

  • Download HP Smart App
  • Pitch the HP Tango Printer to Wi-Fi
  • Add ink and paper needed to get your prints
  • Get your documents from the cloud and other online media websites

Tango Printer Setup

  • Setup Tango with the Smart app designed specially to handle the Tango printer series. Get hold of the HP Smart App on your portable devices and even on your mobile phones to remotely access your documents.
  • Just see to that you are downloading the current version because the recent release on February has sorted the bugs faced on previous versions. HP Tango Driver download is necessary as the plug-ins and firmware update is mandatory to run your Tango Printer.
  • Once you get hold of the updated app, firmware, and plug-ins of  Tango Printer the initial setup of accessing your Tango Printer is done.


Setup HP Tango

  • Now the Smart app will as to add your Tango Printer to the account by prompting, ‘Add new Printer’ on the screen
  • Once you have chosen your Tango Printer on the setting, the screen asks you to create an HP Account
  • The name you create your HP Account on will be your Tango Printer name and the credentials can be used to directly send documents to the printer’s email.

HP Tango Drivers

The HP Tango Driver Download is necessary with the latest  firmware for Tango Printer to get all your prints efficiently.

HP Tango Printer Review

The all-new Tango Printer and Tango X Printer are the best mobile printers, you could have from the line-up. Tango Printer gives best prints at 5*7, at the same time runs out of ink when you take more prints. Sine the Tango Printer does not have any screen display, HP Smart app on your devices is necessary to look at your prints and have an eye on the low ink levels.

Additionally, for more information on HP Tango Printer, do visit our 123 hp com setup website or make a call at the toll-free number +1-820-300-0370.