HP Printer Error Codes

How to resolve HP Printer error codes oxb39ff018?

Resolving HP Printer error codes oxb39ff018

If you are facing the HP Printer error codes OXB39FF018 issue, then you should start resolving it by first updating the firmware.You can also apply an alternative resolution by removing and then placing the cartridges back, and resetting the printer for the error message to disappear.

HP Printer error codes OXB39FF018

  • Switch the printer on and wait until all the noises have subsided
  • Then reach out to the rear of the printer and remove the USB cable
  • Leave the network connection as it is
  • Now, open the cartridge access door to extract the ink cartridges
  • All these activities have to be performed with the printer turned on
  • Wait at least for about 60 seconds after you have removed the power cord from the printer as well as from the power strip or wall outlet
  • Thereafter, plug all the connectors back – at this point, the moment you connect the power cord, the printer should automatically come on; if not turn it on manually
  • Here too, you may have to wait till all the device noises have faded
  • Open the cartridge access door once again and reinsert the cartridges back into their respective positions
  • Look at the LCD panel any instructions displayed – it may even ask you to print a calibration page
  • Reconnect the USB cable as well and then issue the print command

Cheat Sheet to HP Printer Error codes resolving

Here are some error situations that can resolved easily. These are mainly attributed to the health of the ink and toner cartridges and driver updates.

HP Printer Error Code 02

  • Printer cabling or driver problem
  • Resolution lies in power cycling the device
  • Alternatively, unplug all connectors, stay for a few minutes
  • Connect everything back and reinstall drivers
  • For a persistence of the issue, check hardware

HP Printer Error Code 10

  • Machine does not recognize the ink or toner cartridge chip
  • Try device resetting options and fixing any issues with the cartridges
  • When chips between older and newer cartridges are exchanged, an HP Printer Error codes 10 appears

HP Printer Error Code 11

  • Usually, this error appears when the printer does not have any paper to print
  • Load some sheets into the input tray and the printer resumes printing

HP Printer Error Code 12

  • When your HP printer cartridge access door is open or if the ink or toner cartridges have not been installed properly, the HP Printer Error codes 12 appears. Before you resume printing, check for open cartridge doors or loosely placed ink cartridges.

HP Printer Error Code 13

  • If your printer encounters a paper jam, you will see the HP Printer Error codes 13.
  • Turn the printer off and check the cartridge areas, print rollers and even inside the trays for jammed papers.
  • Close all access doors, power the printer on and you should be able to print again.

HP Printer Error Code 14

  • An HP Printer Error codes 14 indicates that your printer is unable to identify the ink cartridges.
  • The only remedy would be to remove the cartridges from their area and placing them back.

HP Printer Error Code 16

  • The HP Printer Error codes 16 clearly indicates that the cartridges are either empty or are low on ink.
  • You will have to purchase new, genuine HP cartridges and install them to resolve the problem.

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