This is how you configure the wireless Setup on your HP Envy 5663!

HP Envy 5663 Wireless Setup

Have you purchased an HP Envy 5663 and looking for wireless setup guidance? We have come up with an informative article on how you can get the wireless printer setup of HP Envy 5663 wireless setup done easily! We understand the confusion which users face after a printer purchase, as installation and setup process completion is quite a confusing task. Though there are abundant resources available online, the need for an efficient and effective guidance centre always arises. Read on to learn about the HP Envy 5663 wireless setup, so you can easily configure the settings on your printer machine. Be tuned to this space for more details and troubleshooting tips to help you get started!

hp envy 5663 wireless setup

Review the requirements

It is mandatory to check for these requirements before you begin the setup process.

  • An active Wi-Fi network is required
  • A Windows operated PC or Laptop to be connected to Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable

 Printer to be turned off

  • Ensure to check for all the protective tape and packaging material from the outside and inside of the printer package box of HP Envy 5663, as it is essential to be removed and kept aside safely.
  • Take caution to note that the printer is always kept on a flat and level surface.
  • Connect the power cord to device rear side.
  • Open the input tray for loading the required quantity.
  • It is better to remove the packaging of the product. Take away the orange tab which can help you to remove the protective tape. Navigate to open the access door, then install them into their respective slots.
  • After the previous step, Keep the access door closed and wait for the page to start its activity.
  • Place the page to be aligned on the right-front corner of the scanner glass for the sample alignment test.

Wireless Settings

  • Can you ensure if the printer is actually on?
  • If the light is continuing to blink now, continue to install the software at
  • While holding down the power button, press the Start Copy Black button scheduled for two times, then press the cancel button for about three times.
  • Once it’s over, get the power button.
  • Continue with software installation.

If you are looking for more guidance or tips for software installation or HP Envy 5663 wireless setup, check out more articles in this space for complete user assistance and for further troubleshooting tips through the toll-free number 1-820-300-0370 or visit at