HP Envy 5660 server connection error

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HP Envy 5660 Server Connection Error

Are you facing an issue with your printer failed connection with your server? When you usually face such a HP Envy 5660 server connection error, you get prompted with such a message. Read on further to know how to solve this issue HP Envy 5660 server connection error!

The first thing that people usually try is the reset which people do for the printer’s wireless and ePrint settings. Such a change in the settings can usually bring about a change to the server connection issue.

  • Navigate to the printer’s front panel touch and then choose the options Setup.
  • Do you see the option “Printer maintenance?” Use that option Printer Maintenance
  • Once the option is used, Touch the Restore option
  • Touch the option Restore Factory Defaults

You can use to restore this printer’s wireless connection by touching the icon on your printer device. The wireless setup wizard should be on running mode, which is pretty excellent in setting the reset option. The Web service and the ePrint feature has to be enabled, for using this feature. The web services will have to be updated, for the printer to have complete automatic update options listed for the device.

 Use the touch option and complete the scan option for setting up your email setup. If you’re able to validate it with PIN you’ll be receiving via email, test the feature out.

This is what you do to clear the error:

  • Get the web services icon turned on in the top-left corner of the display.
  • Click on the gear option.
  • Click on Remove Web Services option.
  • Click on the web services icon.
  • Click on Setup and Yes option.

The HP Envy 5660 (123.hp.com/envy4510is easy to plug and It is easy to follow the instructions displayed on its colourful and responsive LED touchscreen. The touchscreen is accompanied by animated diagrams and easy guide access in the home screen. The print quality is great, but there were losses of bright colour when the black and print option was given. Since it is affordable and a hassle-free printer, the features tend to stand out.

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