connect to HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer

Learn How to Connect to HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer –

Connect to HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer

Before you connect to HP Envy 4520 wireless printer, ensure that you have a secure and good Wi-Fi network. The HP Envy 4520 is a fantastic device designed for printing documents through the wireless. If you have just purchased this printer model, it is common to find new printer models to cause confusion during the installation process. Owing to this, we have this article to help you configure your Wi-Fi settings easily. For more details and troubleshooting tips to help, call our tech experts.


  • Review the printer requirements such as the Wi-Fi network availability
  • Set adequate paper load and ink cartridges
  • Install the essential software drivers

After completing the above steps, configure the wireless settings of HP envy 4520 easily with the help of our online guidance center.

There are a series of buttons on the printer for printer reset.

  • Use these buttons to reset and connect to HP Envy 4520 wireless printer
  • Check the wireless light if it blinks.
  • If it blinks, just continue to install the software (
  • hold down the power button, once the milestone is reached

There is a fix routine for printer which is Start Copy Black button twice and Cancel button thrice

  • Use this fix routine process as given above to complete the process.
  • Post this step, get ready to release the power button.
  • Now, Observe the wireless light aligned next to the wireless button.
  • If it does not blink, repeat this process again.
  • Once you have completed the settings, proceed to software installation.

How do we add a printer to wireless network easily?

To connect to HP Envy 4520 wireless printer both the computer and the network should be compatible.

  • Check the OS version of the PC or system, as the OS is generally in control of the wireless network.
  • Find the printer’s software according to the printer model number.
  • By Double-clicking the software file, you can complete the printer setup process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions till the stage of the “Network” section.
  • Choose the option Network for either Ethernet or Wireless.
  • Wait for the device to connect, which may be few minutes.
  • You can see a confirmation message on the screen, once the network is connected.
  • Complete the setup as per the on-screen prompts.

The wireless setup is pretty simple and easy with our guidance. If you feel the need for printer assistance for quick troubleshooting, hints or tips on how to connect to HP Envy 4520 wireless printer, call us +1-820-300-0370 for personalized customer assistance. Our team is available for instant guidance and support over call 24*7. For more information visit our website at