how to connect hp envy printer to laptop

How to Connect HP Envy Printer to Laptop –

Guide to Connect HP Envy Printer to Laptop

HP Envy Printer comes with diverse models and you have the best print, scan, copy and Fax Options. HP Envy 4520 arrives with the latest Ink Delivery technologies and improved cartridge life. Find out the steps explains below to connect HP Envy Printer to laptop.

How to connect HP envy printer to laptop

  • Connecting your HP envy printer to the laptop is quite easy. Here are some of the quick and easy guidelines you can follow.
  • The set up can be performed easily with the help of an active Wireless Connection and also includes installation of the required software’s and Drivers
  • Setup a Wireless Network Connection > Install The Printer Drivers And Softwares > Connect Your HP Envy Printer To The Version Of Windows Which You Are Using

Setup Your Printer For Wireless Network

  • Before you connect the HP printer to the laptop, setting up a wireless Network becomes an essential Step.
  • Start gathering the requirements such as the Wireless Network Name, Network Password or the security Passphrase, Computer connected to the Active Internet Connection.
  • HP always suggests using broadband Internet Connections like DSL. Place your Printer close to the Router so that the wireless signal strength can be improved
  • Keep your Printer, Computer and the Router in ON state. If you prefer a wireless network connection and you have connected an HDMI cable, remove the cable first and connect your device to a wireless connection
  • If you are using a wired connection, connect the USB cable when prompted
  • The setup Procedure varies for each version of windows you are using

Connecting your HP envy printer to laptop become easier with the above guidelines. More information on how to connect HP envy printer to laptop is provided on our website

Wireless Settings

  • Go To Printer Control Panel > Press The Wireless Icon > Scroll Down To Wireless Set Up Wizard > Press Ok > Enter WPA Passphrase When Prompted

Download And Install The Printer Softwares And Drivers

  • Turn on your Printer and go to HP customer support website, click on the software’s and Drivers download Link and the available software’s and drivers will be visible (
  • Choose the Latest software; click on the download Link and your software’s will be downloaded
  • HP Auto wireless feature is available for your latest HP printers. Turn on the feature and your Printer will be automatically connected to the wireless network

Start following the above guidelines for connecting your HP envy printer to the laptop.

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